We’re often being asked about what material and type of printing we use to create our custom printed t-shirts and other garments.

      There are lots of different processes available on the market. These range from Screen Printing to digital or DTG printing. We can provide all of these various techniques to achieve the best results for your designs and projects. This enables you to order just one or a 1000 pieces. It is the design that dictates the printing technique.  Creativity will never be compromised for ease of operation or budget. Our advice is based on 35 years of experience in this field.

     Below you can check the basic characteristics for each type of print we use.   

Standard print

          Vinyl Print or Standard Print as we call it is probably the most popular type of print media on the market. But as with everything else, there are a many different types available on the market. We use the very best on offer. We have tested them and very confident in their durability. This pushes costs up, but it is a better route in the long run. The cheaper vinyl is usually thick and always have problems  after washing, peeling off is the main disadvantage. That’s why we use only High Quality Vinyl which is very thin, looks great, has lots of available colours and very tough for washing and everyday use. This is why so many corporate sports clients use our products and services for their various sports kits.

          We use 2 types of vinyl, single colour vinyl and printable one. Both are great and both are available for your customization. We use single colour Vinyl for simple logos, writings and simple graphic elements, as well as football shirts and other sport garments. Printable vinyl can be used for printing photographs and custom colour palette. One of the main vinyl advantages is speed in printing. You can order your custom t-shirt, hoodie or other garment to print and get it done within 2-4 hours.

         We have basic set of single colour vinyl for everyday printing (see below) but if you need and want something different please get in touch with us and we’ll sort it out for you.

Here you can see some examples of the Standard print.

Foil print

         Foil Print is one of the most popular print media we use. It is one of our specialties. It gives very stylish and posh looking metallic effect which is reflective, asa metallic foil should be. We use the Best Foil products available on the market. It’s so thin that you really can’t feel it once it’s printed on a garment. Gold & Silver Foil look like very expensive Gold Foil Stamps you see on books etc and it really gives an absolutely stunning effect. A few years ago we started only with Gold and Silver Foil and slowly were widening colour range of colours for this amazing media. Today we use 8 main foil colours (see below) but if you want something different we can always order it for you personally.

Here you can see some examples of the Foil print.

Glitter print

        Glitter Print, what else can you say here? Glitter is like foil, it’s one of the most popular prints. The Glitter Print we use is absolutely amazing! Actually, glitter print was our starting point for Custom T-shirt business as I couldn’t find a decent t-shirt with a decent quality glitter print for my child. Most of Glitter prints you see in the shops have been screen printed. What does it mean? It means that most likely all that glitter or most of it will wash off during the machine wash. I once bought pyjama with glitter print in Primark for my daughter and I couldn’t believe when I washed it first time, all my clothes from the same washing load was covered in glitter, what a disaster! After 5-6 washes there was no more glitter left. Unlike this screen printed the glitter we use has vinyl base which is almost bullet proof, it’s one of the toughest prints I could think of.  We are widening our colour range every year, at the moment the core colour set contains 9 colours, see them below.

Here you can see some examples of the Glitter print.

Silicon print

       Silicon is a truly new revolutionary print media which came to us less than a year ago and it’s very different from what we knew before. If standard print is all about how thin it is, Silicon print is all about how thick it is! We use 500 micron Silicon print which has great stretching quality which makes it perfect for sport and fashion garments. It has luxurious touch feel and it’s raised up on the surface of the garment after being printed. We started only with black and white colours but now we offer up to 6 colours from stock.

Here you can see some examples of the Silicon print.

Reflective print

        Reflective Print is very trendy these days. It is used a lot for sport clothing as it stands out in day time as well as night.  It enhances designs using light to reflect the image. It is absolutely brilliant. Reflective print is also heavily used on building sites to be printed on high viz jackets and pants. It also can be printed on shoes, bags or any other garments. This print is simply awesome.

       The most known and used reflective print colour is of course Silver which is super reflective and it’s photometric values exceed the minimum values set by EN ISO 20471 regulations. But for those who don’t want to be very standard and want to stand out in a crowd we can offer other reflective colours. At the moment we use 4 reflective print colours, please see below.

Here you can see some examples of the Reflective print.

Shimmer print

        If you like prints like Foil and Glitter then Shimmer is your guy. It’s very thin and smooth on feel, has great stretching quality so it won’t crack, and at the same time it has sparkle effect like glitter and shinning effect like foil. The colours are nice and bright and this is definitely different from what you have seen so far.  We have in stock 5 of Shimmer colours at any given time but can get other colours for you if you require them.  You got to try & see this to know how cool & brilliant they come out.

Here you can see some examples of the Shimmer print.

Velvety print (Flock)

       Flock Print, or like we call it Velvety Print, is a very popular and well known type of print, some people call it flocking. It has raised and velvety texture which gives nice feel and great to print on Sport or corporate garments, with total opacity. Flock is great for small companies to produce branding uniform as a cheaper alternative to embroidery. This print is extremely durable and colours stay for years. Like I always give an example to our customers about my hoodie which has a detailed floral design printed in flock which I’m wearing for the past 9 years and my flock print still looks the same!! We use 7 main colours for everyday printing, but, as always, we can order special colours just for you if needed.

Here you can see some examples of the Velvety print.

LUMINOUS Print (Glow in the Dark)

       Luminous or Glow in the Dark print is super cool print which is so favorable by kids and adults, it gives stunning effect and always gives you WOW effect. Off white in a light and green in the dark luminous Print will always stand out at any time of the day. It doesn’t lose its glow effect after washing, we can guarantee it!

Here you can see some examples of the Luminous print.

Perforated Print

        The last on our list is very special Perforated Print which gives unique decorating effect that also allows transpiration. Often this type of print stays unfairly forgotten and dismissed, but those who have tried it once usually keep coming back and ordering it again. They are brilliant for sports tops and team kits. It’s different and has very non-standard effect, especially when you want to print large letters. We have 5 colours in stock at all the time, please see them below.

Here you can see some examples of the Perforated print.


     Screen printing utilizes layering of colour separated inks to achieve the colours of the design. You can submit your Vector artwork, in outlines, to enable us to separate the colours and each colour uses a different screen. So a design with 3 colours needs 3 screens. Screen set costs are charged separately and a one-off. The feel of the design is low to very low ink on the fabric surface and quite soft to touch. We use the highest grade inks for the best results. The minimum quantity for Screen printing is 50 pieces per design. Lead times vary but it is usually within 1-3 weeks.


         Direct to Garment or DTG is a great, and in many cases, a better substitute to Screen printing. This technique is perfect for colour graduation and colour Gradients, when screens would struggle to separate colour tones. It is a digital format of printing and has fast become an efficient and great alternative to Screen Printing and Vinyl Printing. The endurance of the print is the same as any other print and it normally outlasts the garment itself. The minimum quantity for DTG printing is 5 pcs per design.